Newsletter July 2015

Is Colorado heading into a real estate bubble? Is Colorado heading into a real estate bubble? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for several weeks now. When properties sell in just weeks for more then the asking price, I begin to wonder. When there are multiple offers above list price on any property below […]

Newsletter August 2014

Differences in Listing Agreements I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice, just my own opinion… now that’s clear. There are three types of listing agreements in Colorado: Exclusive right-to-sell, Exclusive Brokerage Listing, and Open Listing. Exclusive is the most common, and frankly it’s because most agents are afraid that the seller will […]

Newsletter July 2014

Want to be Successful. Do what successful people do. WAKE UP EARLY: According to social media marketing company NowSourcing, the world’s wealthiest people each earn more than $160,000 per year, and have $3.2 million in assets. And approximately 44 percent of them wake up 3 hours before work to do things like manage their mutual funds — compared to […]

Newsletter March 2014

View Newsletter as PDF My father-in-law brought an article in Bloomberg to my attention recently.  see still-lo/)  Long story short; the housing market has rebounded and equity is starting to grow.  Each month, instead of paying rent, you are adding to that “savings account” that you sleep in. Housing Market Back Up The housing […]

Newsletter February 2014

View Newsletter as PDF One of my resolutions is to buy more property. Both the fix-n-flip market and the rental market have increased in value a bit from this time last year making it harder to find deals with lots of profits built in. But they are still out there. Maybe you can help? Can […]

Newsletter July 2013

14-Year-Old Willow Tufano Buys Distressed Home in Port Charlotte, Florida Home For $12,000 I just thought this was an interesting article — worth sharing. The Time Is Right – Right Now Now could be the best time for you to make your real estate moves. The real estate market’s vital signs — fewer properties […]

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